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March was packed with exciting events, client milestones, new projects and more. Our team is reveling in the positive feelings that come from completing projects for which many months of planning were required, and we’re eager to keep the train rolling. Check out the events and projects that made waves for Xdesign’s clients in March!

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Knock Knock's Storybook Soirée


An annual event, Storybook Soirée is a grownup gala urging adults to rediscover their childish imagination for a night of fun and merriment, benefitting the museum’s operations. From initial strategy to multi-platform promotions to day-of signage, we were able to bring the event committee's ideas to life. Using different themes based on well-known fairytales, we've helped transform the museum into the likes of Alice’s Wonderland and the Emerald City of Oz. We can't wait to see which story will be told next!

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Over $150,000 in donations was raised each year at the annual event
2019 Storybook Soiree Event Posters 2019 Storybook Soiree Game Sign Map and Passport

Knock Knock’s 2nd Annual Storybook Soiree was magical. It was like Baton Rouge was Dorothy and we all woke up over the rainbow, in large part because of the work by Xdesign. Their talented team took a concept and made it come to life — from social media posts and external promotional events to billboards and day-of multimedia packages — everything was designed with a purpose and executed flawlessly. But what makes Xdesign special is their ability to listen to us as a client, understand our needs, and then help us achieve our goals no matter what. For that, I am forever grateful to the Xdesign team.

2019 Storybook Soiree Illustrations 2019 Storybook Soiree Yard Signs
2019 Storybook Soiree Billboard
2019 Storybook Soiree Sponsor Wall Uplighting

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