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Branding/​Corporate Identity

As the core of your company or big idea, we'll focus on your corporate identity throughout every single project to ensure the same cohesive story is communicated everywhere your brand is present.

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  • Naming

    The name of your brand encompasses everything you do. We'll meet with you to learn about what you stand for, and we'll craft a name that efficiently conveys your desired message.

  • Logos

    We'll handcraft a unique mark that effectively conveys the values of your company, sets you apart from your competitors and creates a recognizable seal your customers will trust and find comfort in.

  • Business Papers

    We'll create branded materials like business cards, document letterheads and folders that your company utilizes on a daily basis to provide a streamlined, cohesive experience for your customers.

  • Brand Style Guidelines

    Just as important as the name itself, we'll help you choose accompanying fonts, colors and imagery to represent your brand. We'll also provide you with a style guide to assure consistency across all projects, small or large.

  • Environmental Graphics

    There's no place better to visually display what your brand represents than your physical location. From concept to design to installation, we'll ensure your space is transformed into exactly what you envisioned.

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  • Printing and Vendor Management

    We'll work with all vendors and publication representatives involved to guarantee your projects are submitted on time, with the correct specifications, free of errors.

Consistent brand presentation across all platforms increases revenue by up to 23%.
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Popingo's has been using Xdesign as our marketing firm for many years. The patience and guidance exhibited by the Xdesign team is of the utmost professionalism and their end product constantly exceeds our expectations. The team at Xdesign exemplifies a 'customer first' mentality at all times and works with us at our own pace.

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