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Digital Advertising

We believe if you’re going to spend money on digital marketing, it should be served to people who actually need to see it. We want to help you stay top-of-mind by targeting potential consumers who have interests in or intend to purchase products or services that are related to your offerings, as well as nudge existing customers across a variety of channels and platforms.

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  • Geofencing

    With geofencing technology, we can draw a virtual boundary around a specific location, no matter the shape, with an accuracy of up to eight feet, to create an audience of all the users who frequent it. We are then able to serve ads to people who have visited your business, those who visit competitors’ businesses, a special event or any other geographical area. There’s no hardware or app that needs to be installed to get up and running.

    Watch this video to see how they work.

  • Database Targeting

    If you already have a large database of customers and/or potential customers, we can easily put those contacts to use! We are able to upload the corresponding data, whether it’s email addresses or physical addresses, to our platform to match with each user’s online presence and serve them your ads on a variety of online marketing channels.

  • IP Targeting

    IP targeting allows us to display ads relevant to your customers or potential customers based solely on the IP address of the device they’re using. The IP addresses of your desired audience are obtained through matching the information provided by your CRM or email marketing database to achieve true one-to-one marketing.

  • Site Retargeting

    Roughly 98% of consumers will leave a website without taking the action you want them to take. Site retargeting serves ads to users who have already visited your website while they are visiting other websites across the web. Following users based on their browsing behavior increases brand exposure and is an effective method of converting site visitors into sales leads.

    View this video to see how retargeting ads work.

  • Keyword Search Retargeting

    Have you heard of search engine marketing? What about display ads? This combines them both! After someone performs a specific keyword search, we can collect their data and then serve them display ads related to what they were looking for as they browse other websites.

  • Contextual Targeting

    This tactic allows us to display your ads on web pages that have relevant content based on the keywords or categories of keywords we choose. For example, if you owned a car dealership, we could display ads for your business on web pages where people are reading about car safety, car models, tips for buying a car, etc.

  • Google AdWords

    Based on your business goals, our team chooses keywords, writes specific ads, and targets users as they actively search for your service or product.

The most targeted advertising to date. No hardware and no special app to download.

We’ve worked with other marketing partners in the past, and Xdesign consistently pushes us to achieve our marketing goals. They meet with us regularly to discuss open projects and plan for future ones as well as maintain our entire social and digital media presence. Marketing is one less thing I have to worry about since hiring Xdesign. We know it will always exceed our expectations.

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