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Fleet Graphics

Just as you're always on the go, so is your brand. If you offer a service that utilizes a fleet, we want to make sure it's spreading a positive message to everyone on the road with bold, eye-catching graphics and copywriting.

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  • Graphic Design

    We intentionally select the perfect combination of specific colors, layouts, typefaces and illustrations to visually communicate the experience that your brand will bring your consumer.

  • Photography

    We're equipped to set up, shoot, select and edit photos of your products, services, team or location to best represent your brand's benefits when spotted on a vehicle out in the community.

  • Vehicle Inventory

    Before getting started on the initial concept and design of your fleet, we'll compile a list of how many of each of type of vehicle you have, including each one's unique measurements, to ensure accurate file creation.

  • Technical File Production

    Before we send off your project to print, we'll be certain your files are packaged correctly and contain all of the fonts, logos and assets needed to properly convey your desired message.

  • Printing and Vendor Management

    We'll work with all vendors and publication representatives involved to guarantee your projects are submitted on time, with the correct specifications, free of errors.

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When we approached Xdesign, we had an outdated website and a new generation of family ownership on the horizon. We wanted to get our branding, web design, email marketing, fleet and social media consistent both visually and strategically. We had never hired a firm like Xdesign before. Xdesign took the time to learn about our company, our products, our team and our culture. Xdesign was consistent in meeting with us regularly to guide us through their process. Since hiring Xdesign, we receive compliments on our new brand, especially the fleet and website. Xdesign left us feeling empowered and proud of our brand and our marketing.

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