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If you’ve ever seen the Wizard of Oz, you know the famous scene of Dorothy waking up to a technicolor world. A realm drenched in black and white is transformed to red ruby slippers, a poppy field and the Emerald City. With every twist and turn of the Yellow Brick Road, there are pops and blends of a full rainbow of colors. Want to know something crazy? Each of those colors has a specific name thanks to the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® (PMS).

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Holmes Building Materials

How We Built Upon a Local Building Material Supplier's Legacy

With a foundation built on four generations of outstanding customer service, Holmes Building Materials has expanded its reach and services, a fleet numbering 100-strong and a Do It Best seal of approval. Throughout this period of growth, we were able to help revitalize and strengthen the company's overall look and feel.

Services Provided
5x engagement on social media

3x email list growth

When we approached Xdesign, we had an outdated website and a new generation of family ownership on the horizon. We wanted to get our branding, web design, email marketing, fleet and social media consistent both visually and strategically. We had never hired a firm like Xdesign before. Xdesign took the time to learn about our company, our products, our team and our culture. Xdesign was consistent in meeting with us regularly to guide us through their process. Since hiring Xdesign, we receive compliments on our new brand, especially the fleet and website. Xdesign left us feeling empowered and proud of our brand and our marketing.

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