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If you’ve ever seen the Wizard of Oz, you know the famous scene of Dorothy waking up to a technicolor world. A realm drenched in black and white is transformed to red ruby slippers, a poppy field and the Emerald City. With every twist and turn of the Yellow Brick Road, there are pops and blends of a full rainbow of colors. Want to know something crazy? Each of those colors has a specific name thanks to the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® (PMS).

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CCA Louisiana

How We Cast a Wide Net in a Conservation Association's Efforts

Coastal Conservation Association of Louisiana is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education, conservation and preservation of our state's marine and animal life. Since partnering with CCA, we've been able to help bolster support and participation in a number of their successful events.

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30% increase in membership after partnering with Xdesign
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As an organization that depends on strong member involvement, CCA Louisiana identified a need to enhance our imaging and messaging to better serve and grow our membership across the state. Immediately upon engaging with Xdesign, it was evident that they wanted to familiarize themselves with every aspect of our business so that they could help build messaging that was reflective of our wide array of conservation-based initiatives. They helped us create an appealing new look that we utilized in all of our advertisements, printed pieces, email marketing and web applications and optimize our use of social media. These efforts have led to record CCA Louisiana membership numbers for five years running, and an overall membership growth of more than 30% since our partnership began. I have recommended the professionals at Xdesign to friends and business colleagues and will continue to do so.

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