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The Easiest Way to Gain Endorsements

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The Easiest Way To Gain Endorsements

What is a Brand Advocate?

A brand advocate is an individual, whether a client, colleague or employee, who talks favorably about a brand or product, therefore endorsing it and passing it along to others.

How Do You Get Brand Advocates?

All companies need brand advocates to help maintain a positive reputation for their brand. Did you know that you don’t have to look very far to find them? The most valuable advocates you can have are the people that you work with every single day - your team. They are the glue that holds your operation together, and once they become brand advocates, great things will happen.

Since you already have a team of advocates, how do you implement an advocacy program?

  1. Set the “What,” “How,” and “Why,” for your brand. Here at X, our “What” is to create and connect brands to the consumer by any means necessary. “How” we do that is by building incredible relationships. “Why” we do it is so that we can use creativity to improve the lives of others.
  2. Once you establish your message, get everyone on board. Make sure that everyone understands the purpose of your company and is aware of each team member's individual role in the success of your brand. No one person has a role that’s more important than the other. We at X, believe in what we do.
  3. Inspire and encourage your team members to spread this message and live it throughout everything they do. Possibly set up an incentive program to let your team know that they are valued. Every Friday afternoon, we like to share a few highlights from our week via email. Give your team a reason to want to celebrate their accomplishments, even the small ones. And cheer them on throughout the process.
  4. Create relationships and be supportive of your internal team members as well as your clients and customers. Here at X, we work together to make connections with each other in addition to building connections between our clients and their customers. Through the interactive experiences we create with our various partnerships, we make consumers feel as though they are a part of the brand’s narrative, which fosters feelings of value and trust resulting in some of the most passionate brand advocates. See how we celebrated our client relationships for our 25th anniversary.
  5. Promote happiness among your team. Although this is the last one on the list, it’s one of the most important. A couple of months ago we discussed how to have happier employees. The happier your team is, the more productive your company is. Happiness also creates a strong corporate culture in which people thrive.

Accomplishing these things will transform your team into brand advocates without even asking them!

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