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One Month In: 2015 SEO Trends

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One Month In 2015 Seo Trends

There’s not much room for introduction here, so let’s get right to it. In early January two things rippled through the SEO world, both entirely concerned with numbers. The first thing to happen was a flood of spam to analytics campaigns which sent webmasters scrambling for a solutions. The second, Google sending out massive notifications to webmasters about their mobile performance. Let's talk about what they mean and what you can do to solve these problems.

Google Analytics Spam

When posted their article RIP Google Analytics, Casualty of Spam, webmasters reacted with a bit of shock. This is because all of a sudden the numbers we’ve been reporting to clients are questionable.

The following example happened in a recent client meeting. On the one hand, our seasonal client seemed to still be gaining referral traffic, but on the other their bounce rate is skyrocketing. This is because the spam traffic is nothing but bounces (notice those 100% rates).

We need to fix this and luckily for us, it doesn’t get much easier.

That’s it. And the beauty is, that because of how X maintains our analytics, all of our clients were updated at once.

Google Webmaster Tools Mobile Performance

If you’re familiar with Xdesign, you already know where we stand with mobile website design and development. If you’re not, well here’s what we said last year. Then, as now, it is simply a fact of life that your website must work for mobile users.

Google is now upping the ante and sending webmasters messages about their mobile performance. Here’s where we need to show an example - but we can’t. That’s because none of our sites received this message. Luckily for us, unlucky for someone else, here’s that screenshot.

As said, zero Xdesign websites received this warning. This is because we strictly adhere to mobile first web design. If you have received this warning, or if you are unsure if your site is mobile friendly, get in touch with us.

Our goal is a better web experience, we’re here to lead you there.

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