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If you’ve ever seen the Wizard of Oz, you know the famous scene of Dorothy waking up to a technicolor world. A realm drenched in black and white is transformed to red ruby slippers, a poppy field and the Emerald City. With every twist and turn of the Yellow Brick Road, there are pops and blends of a full rainbow of colors. Want to know something crazy? Each of those colors has a specific name thanks to the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® (PMS).

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Newton Landscape Group

How We Shaped the Landscape of Southern Louisiana

Founded in 1990, Newton Landscape Group has grown into a full-service agency that has designed, built and maintained a number of beautiful residential and commercial properties in our community. We were able to refresh their already well-trusted brand to help cultivate their continual growth.

Services Provided
"Xdesign listened to what we wanted and exceeded our expectations on every deliverable."

Kevin Latusek
Newton Branding

We approached the Xdesign team with the task of creating a new, cohesive brand that better resembled who we were as a company. We knew from the initial meeting and proposal that Xdesign was a perfect fit for us. Xdesign's impressive resume and company culture impressed us from the start. We received truly hands-on service from the design team and website developers, all the way to the administrative staff. They listened to what we wanted and exceeded our expectations on every deliverable.

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