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Your website may actually be doing more harm than good. Don't worry, we can help.

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Your Website May Actually Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Being tethered to at least one electronic device at all times has become the social norm. As innovations in technology continue to grow, so does the need for mobile, or as we call it “responsive” design.

Before we get into why let’s define responsive design. Simply put, it allows a website to be viewed on any device, no matter the size, while maintaining consistent content, functionality and features through one single URL. Now let’s get down to the specifics as to why you need to ensure you’re mobile ready:

Ensure you’re ranking as high as possible on Google

The biggest reason, which was announced last spring, is that Google rewards fully mobile-optimized sites (those that automatically adjust to any mobile device size) with higher SEO rankings than those that aren’t. This means that when people search via Google, sites that are fully optimized will appear higher up on the list of search results, causing those that aren’t optimized to get lost in the shuffle.

Streamline how you update your website

If you have multiple versions of a website with varying functionality and features, more time and work are required to maintain consistency across versions. If there’s just one website to upkeep, then it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. A single responsive site ensures that no matter how many new devices are invented, (iPhone 24, anyone?) you’re already prepared.

Don’t frustrate your web visitors

Have you ever gone to a site on your phone and couldn’t find what you were looking for, or had to “pinch and zoom” to read the content, so you exited the site? That’s called a “bounce.” When sites aren’t created with responsive design, functionality suffers across platforms. Buttons and links aren’t where they should be, or sometimes they get left off completely.

Make it easy for your users to convert

What is the primary action you want users to do? We call that a “conversion.” It could be anything from buying a product, to filling out a form, to making a reservation. How can you expect visitors to take action on your site if they can’t figure out how? Responsive design ensures the most visually appealing layout for each device while maintaining its full effectiveness.

If you need someone to streamline your site into one fully functioning and aesthetically pleasing responsive design, get in touch with us. If you’ve already partnered with X, your site is already in good, responsive hands.

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