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X@SXSW: Day Two

Team Xdesign

The first panel up was “The State of Browser Development Tools” with Brandon Satrom representing IE, Paul Irish from Google for Chrome, Mike Taylor for Opera, and Joe Stagner for Mozilla. One of the highlights was after all the other browser representatives spent 10-15 minutes showing their wares, Joe Stagner pulls up the awesome Tilt from Mozilla Labs, says, “Boom.” and ends his demo to a room full of applause. It was great to see representatives for most (Safari?) of the major browsers there discussing the Web.
The next session was “CSS for Grownups” with Andy Hume from The Guardian, who put forth some pretty good, if not a little controversial ideas for creating maintainable CSS.
After the days sessions, I headed to Mondo’s SXSW gallery opening, where while standing in line I met Drew Goddard (Cloverfield, Lost, Alias, Buffy), who was really nice. After standing in line for a few hours, I finally in and scored a couple of prints, one of which was Tyler Stout’s The Wrath of Khan. After the show I ended the night at Top Chef winner Paul Qui’s Uchiko which was just awesome. Went home, hit the hay for another early morning and long day.

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