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March was packed with exciting events, client milestones, new projects and more. Our team is reveling in the positive feelings that come from completing projects for which many months of planning were required, and we’re eager to keep the train rolling. Check out the events and projects that made waves for Xdesign’s clients in March!

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X@SXSW: Day Three or The Good Times Are Killing Me

Team Xdesign

The best of which was Jeffery Zeldman of A List Apart and Leslie Jensen-Inman’s Go Forth and Make Awesomeness. That oft talked about “sun” finally came out today, and the day was absolutely beautiful. Had some time to walk around town lake, and watch the sunset on a dock. Not too bad! Headed to Esther’s Follies for Bob’s Burgers Live with Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schall among others. Hit up the PBS Sherlock party met Stephen Moffat of Dr. Who/Sherlock fame (season two is about to air, watch it!), and headed home.

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