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March was packed with exciting events, client milestones, new projects and more. Our team is reveling in the positive feelings that come from completing projects for which many months of planning were required, and we’re eager to keep the train rolling. Check out the events and projects that made waves for Xdesign’s clients in March!

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Xdesign + Southern Craft Brewing Co. = Branding We Can Drink to!

Team Xdesign
Xdesign Southern Craft Brewing Co Branding We Can Drink To

Every spark that results in a new relationship with Xdesign is one we cherish. But when it’s one that involves a new local craft brewery, we can’t help but raise a glass.

Over the past year, we have worked alongside two engineers, Wes Hedges and Joe Picou, to establish the Southern Craft Brewing Co. brand, website, merchandise, collateral and of course, delicious beer. (By the way, that last one was all them. We can only boast experience consuming, not brewing beer.)

Southern Craft Brewing Co. Shirt
Southern Craft Brewing Co. Business Cards
Southern Craft Brewing Co. Glass
Southern Craft Brewing Co. Website
Southern Craft Brewing Co. Sales Sheets
Southern Craft Brewing Co. Shirts

Currently, you can taste their two brews, Red Stick Rye and Pompous Pelican, at a number of local bars and restaurants - we highly recommend visiting our good friends at Walk-Ons. You can also find Southern Craft on tap at Parrain’s, The Overpass Merchant, The Chimes (LSU), Walk-Ons (Burbank), The Pelican House, Happy’s Irish Pub (Downtown), Draft House Bar, Corporate Brew & Draft and The Bulldog.

They are set to open an on-site tasting room mid-May. Stay up to date with the engineers’ endeavors on their website and Facebook.

When you’re ready to celebrate with a brew, let us know!

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