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X Files: What We're Watching During Quarantine


During this time of social distancing, an easy place to turn is to entertainment via movies and TV shows. Here’s what we’re currently digging after work hours!

Carlin's Top Pick

Little America by Apple Tv +
This show is a heartfelt journey through different people's experiences of life in America. I love learning about other cultures and perspectives and this show gives me a little of both. 12/10 recommend!

Additional Picks: Good Girls, X-Files, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Emma.

Christine's Top Pick

Home Town by HGTV
I stumbled upon Home Town on HGTV by accident. The couple that hosts the show is so genuine and seem to love what they do. The complete transformations of homes that no one could love turn into true gems. Their style is clean, imaginative, and definitely not cookie cutter. I lost count on how many episodes I watched this past Sunday! It was a nice respite from my constant watching of the news.

Additional Picks: Too Cute, Game of Thrones

Esther's Top Pick

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel by Amazon Prime
Rachel Brosnahan plays a housewife that discovers she has a knack for stand up comedy. She uses her real life for her material and nothing is off bounds. Makes me laugh.

Additional Pick: Designated Survivor

Hunter's Top Pick

Thomas Keller's Cooking Techniques Volume 1 by MasterClass
Combines great cinematography with easy to follow individual lessons that are only 10-15 minutes each. It’s a great way to take a break and learn something new. They have the world’s best teaching you their craft. From cooking to communication and everything in between.

Additional Pick: Chris Voss' MasterClass on The Art of Negotiation

Paige's Top Pick

Better Call Saul by AMC
I’m a huge Breaking Bad fan, so learning the background of one of the main characters is so fun and scratches the itch of wanting more of the series (El Camino is also great!). I don’t know why I waited so long to start this series, but now I can’t stop!

Additional Picks: Gilmore Girls, Jurassic Park, The Office, How I Met Your Mother

Renee's Top Pick

Tiger King by Netflix
It’s the lagniappe of TV series. Drama, romance, murder mystery, animals, and music videos. And that’s just scratching the surface. 🐯

Additional Picks: Fixer Upper, Peanut Butter Falcon

Simone's Top Pick

Grey's Anatomy by ABC
Grey’s Anatomy has always been one of my favorite shows because it’s easy to connect to the characters and their stories (both the doctors and the patients). And though I’ve seen all 364 episodes many times before, I still get surprised and emotional when I pick up on a random episode. Jesse Williams ain’t bad to look at either. 😉

Additional Picks: Nip/Tuck, Real Housewives of NYC, The Good Place, The Mandalorian, This Is Us, The Wall, A Million Little Things, Lego Masters

Tiffanie's Top Pick

Schitt's Creek by Pop TV
This show makes me laugh literally every single episode. With everything happening right now, it’s my go-to to lighten the mood and put a smile on my face.

Additional Picks: You, The Voice, Outlander, Everything on Disney+

Zach's Top Pick

Peaky Blinders by Netflix
This is an action-packed thriller featuring the leaders of a London street gang who make their money from rigging horse races and other various illegal activity. With no shortage of gun fights, murder and insanely thick European accents, this show will make you feel like a certified badass while you eat ice cream in your underwear.

Additional Picks: Chef’s Table, One-Punch Man, Cowboy Bebop

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