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August 2022

Team Xdesign
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The Louisiana Art & Science Museum Anniversary Gala Features Branding Work by Xdesign, Inc.

Xdesign is proud to be a sponsor of the Louisiana Art & Science Museum’s 60th Anniversary Gala for which Xdesign provided the branding! This is an amazing organization, and we’re excited to attend the event.

Highlights of the Month

Relief Windows

Relief Windows made it official with a ribbon-cutting! The ceremony was followed by refreshments and a tour of the new showroom and facilities. We loved working with Relief to produce the interior and exterior branding elements!

CCP Tradeshow Booth

Team X took a trip to New Orleans with Capitol City Produce to help set up their booth for the annual Louisiana Restaurant Association Showcase. This booth really draws a crowd every year!

Knockknock v2

Team X is excited to be teaming up with Knock Knock Children’s Museum again this year for their annual Storybook Soirée fundraising event! This year’s theme is “Mary Poppins–A Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Affair!” We can’t wait to unveil the full branding package very soon.

Broc Rock and Wine

Team X attended the annual BROC Rock & Wine fundraiser at Tiger Stadium to help support the mission of the BROC Foundation, a non-profit program that provides professional-level athletic training to local student-athletes.

Buffalo shirts

New team swag! These shirts serve as a reminder to Team X to be bison rather than cattle. While cattle run away from the storm and spend more time in the rain as a result, bison take a different approach. The bison charge head-on into the storm, running right through it and out the other side.


Renee’ was awarded The Blacksmith for being a Versatile member of Team X!

Unnamed 1

Another season of fantasy football is underway! Can Zach retain his title of Flanagan Fantasy Football Champion? Stay tuned to find out.


“There are three kinds of people in the world: people who make things happen, people who watch things happen, and people who wonder, ‘What the hell just happened?’”

– Jeff Kent, Survivor: Philippines


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