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Why isn't there “log-in information” for your company’s Facebook page?

It sounds easy...

You want to give someone access to your company’s Facebook page. However, it’s not as simple as providing them with login credentials.

More and more social media platforms use a “Grant Access” style of page management. This is done for security and tracking purposes. For example, if someone who has access to your company’s social media accounts you can instantly remove their access. It also allows you the ability to see who specifically posted what, who replied to a comment and so on.

How do I give someone access to my company’s Facebook page?

If you want someone to be able to access your company’s Facebook page, that person will need a personal Facebook account.

Then, a user with Admin access will need to add them to the page and assign them an appropriate role.

If Xdesign is an admin, we can do this for you. We just need the following:

  • The person’s full name as it appears on their personal Facebook profile
  • A screenshot or picture of their personal Facebook profile so we can confirm we’re adding the correct person.

We recommend being very selective and specific about the page roles you are granting others when accessing your company’s profile. Facebook is constantly updating its page roles, thus, you can read the most current page role types and permissions associated with them at the link below:


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