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Where Were You On April 22?

Team Xdesign
Where Were You On April 22Nd

April 22nd.

It was probably just another day for most people. A normal Friday, the cusp of the weekend. But did you know that Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd? Don’t feel bad if you didn’t. It’s not about a particular day. It’s about taking a step back from our busy lives and appreciating the world around us.

Whether you’re in the field of advertising, medicine, law, construction, food & drink or anything in between, we know it is hard to be “earth-conscious.” Don’t worry; this is not a ploy to guilt you into “going green.” It is just an attempt to bring awareness to some great things that are happening and how we can take part.

Earth Day at Xdesign

To bring attention to the day and its purpose, during our Friday @ 4, we broke from our usual presentation in the creative room, to participate in a hands-on activity outdoors. You may have noticed the results of our pot planting in the conference room. (Some are definitely doing better than others.)

Even though our one-hour activity might seem insignificant, we joined over one billion people in the largest community observance in the world! Check out EarthDay.org for more statistics like this, a brief history of the environmental movement and ways you can participate.

Every day can be Earth Day!

Even if you missed out on celebrating Earth Day this year, what can you do now? Hats off to you if you’re already a participator in environmental activities! If not, it’s never too late to start. Every little bit counts. We aren’t suggesting anything extreme, just some fun ways to contribute to a cleaner and healthier Earth, some large and some small:

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