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What the Yuck?

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What The Yuck

While I’m extremely proud of our company, that’s not the topic of this post, just a shameless plug to set the stage.

The Awards Banquet was held at the newly renovated Renaissance Hotel, which is beautiful I might add. It was a very fancy affair, white linen tablecloths, fine silverware, gorgeous center arrangements, and 5 star all the way. As I was enjoying the dinner, I noticed a small white spray bottle at each place setting. I picked it up but was unable to read the label because the type was so small and, no it had nothing to do with my aging eyesight, it was literally 4 point type. Anyway, it didn’t matter what it said because I already knew what it was…spray garlic. I know this because I have a bottle of it in my refrigerator, same exact white spray bottle, but larger, with larger type. So I assumed this must be the sampler size.

I began with spraying a small amount on a dinner roll. Yuck…it was awful. I thought maybe the ingredients had settled so I shook the little bottle up and applied it again to another roll. Shaking had not helped at all. About that time our general manager Christine leaned over and whispered “what are you doing” to which I replied “trying this spray seasoning.” With a shocked look on her face she informed me that the product was called “Swamp Juice” to with I replied “yeah, and the product is as bad as its name, good luck to whoever is trying to sell this stuff.”

Christine then informs me it is insect repellent. Now I’m real confused. Why would a fine banquet serve insect repellent with its meal? Turns out Troy Landry, the star of Swamp People was the guest speaker that evening, and someone must have thought that little bottles of “Swamp Juice” would be an appropriate item to place on the table. I still don’t get the connection, but I do get the fact that anything poisonous should be clearly labeled and should not be set on the table next to the butter dish and creamer.

In hindsight, I guess I’m glad they didn’t ask Mike Rowe to be the guest speaker.


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