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Ten Tips on Crafting the Perfect Marketing Email

Ten Tips On Crafting The Perfect Marketing Email

With the ever-evolving world of advanced technology, you may begin to question, "Do people even read the emails that you send?" The answer is yes. According to Hubspot, there are 4.3 billion email accounts and 196 billion emails are sent every day. Additionally, 91% of consumers check their email daily.

Now that we’ve convinced you email is still relevant, we wanted to give you some tips on crafting the perfect marketing email:

1. Define your goal.

What is the point of sending this particular email? Have a clear goal in mind other than just because your company sends one weekly. Make sure everything in your email points back to this goal.

2. Have a killer subject line.

This is often the deciding factor as to whether your email will be opened or destined to the trash bin forever. Keep it short (preferably between 30 and 50 characters), direct and personal.

3. Segmentation is your friend.

Hubspot reports a 62% higher click-through rate when emails are segmented (i.e. sending separate emails targeting specific demographics). To segment your emails, use information such as consumers’ geography, job title, company name or any actions recently taken by the user.

4. A picture’s worth a thousand words.

Always include a picture to make it more visually appealing. While stock photos aren’t necessarily bad, make sure that it’s relevant to the information that you’re presenting.

5. Copy is key.

Positive visuals will only go so far. The content of your email should convey your information in a way that tells a story and is backed up with statistics and outside sources to increase validity.

6. Have one big call to action.

Think back to your overall goal that you defined in step 1. What call to action will achieve this goal? Make it into a big button accompanied by words like, “Download” or “View” that begs readers to click it.

7. Always be mobile-friendly.

According to Hubspot, 47% of emails are opened on mobile devices, so don’t put your mobile version on the back burner. Always use responsive templates with reasonably-sized text so that your content can be read easily across platforms.

8. Sharing is caring.

Include as many social media sharing platforms as you can- if people want to share, don’t hold them back. Be creative with the copy that accompanies your social links to give it more personality.

9. Make it easy to unsubscribe.

This may seem counter-productive, but stick with us. Other than the fact that it’s actually against the law to exclude an unsubscribe option, it will greatly increase your click-through rates, which is more accurate. We want to send relevant information to people who actually want to read it.

10. Testing 1, 2, 3.

So you’ve sent a bunch of emails - now what? Test its effectiveness. Here are a couple of industry benchmarks to abide by: The average email click-through rate is 2-7% and the average open-rate is 20-30%.

Struggling to reach this benchmark? Contact us. If you’re already working with us, don’t worry- you’re there.

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