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Sustaining Brands: CCA

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Sustaining Brands Cca

CCA Louisiana is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of Louisiana’s marine resources. Founded in 1983, CCA Louisiana has been instrumental in banning gill nets in the state waters, establishing redfish as a gamefish and ensuring good stewardship of Louisiana’s coastal resources. If you’re not familiar with the organization, then we can almost guarantee that you’re familiar with the “Join CCA” redfish stickers you see on the backs of vehicles throughout the state.

With 20 projects completed and counting, it has been a pleasure to be CCA Louisiana’s partner in helping conserve Louisiana’s wonderful coast. From print ads to billboards and brochures we’ve focused on helping spread the mission of CCA.

Once a year CCA puts on their largest event, the STAR tournament. The CCA Louisiana STAR (Statewide Tournament and Anglers Rodeo) is in its 21st year of competition. Each year the tournament begins on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and lasts until Labor Day. STAR is CCA Louisiana's largest membership drive and boasts over 12,000 participants each year. During the competition, anglers compete for over $500,000 in prizes.

In addition to helping with the overall mission of CCA, we are also tasked with helping increase the number of sign-ups for the STAR tournament. As mentioned there are plenty of prizes to win in the tournament; however, the biggest prize of them all is a brand new Chevy Silverado. To win the truck you have to be registered for the tournament, and catch a tagged redfish. (CCA catches and tags 50 redfish then releases them back into the water). If you catch a tagged redfish and aren’t registered for the tournament, then you don’t win the truck.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself what are the chances of someone not being registered AND catching a tagged fish. Unfortunately, it happens every year! We felt that it was such a powerful story that we used it as a concept for the print campaign.

Since 2011, the STAR tournament has grown in participants year after year, we’ll call that a success. Anytime you can go fishing and potentially win a brand new truck, boat, or kayak, then we’ll consider that a win-win

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and most importantly, the next time you go fishing make sure you’re registered for the STAR tournament. There is still time to enter and claim your share of prizes. Visit to learn more and join Team Xdesign at the winners banquet in the Fall, it’s always a great time!

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