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Serving Brands: Ruffino’s Restaurant

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Serving Brands Ruffinos Restaurant

For the past 25 weeks, we’ve been highlighting clients both past and present and the work that we have the incredible privilege of providing.

This is our final week, and this wrap-up has been one of the tougher ones to write. What do you say about Peter Sclafani and Ruffin Rodrigue and their restaurant concept that has so quickly expanded while becoming such prolific leaders in their industry? Over the past five years, we’ve done more work for Ruffino’s than any other client.

We’ve been able to be a part of seeing so many of their dreams come true. From opening a location in Lafayette and a catering facility downtown, to releasing a cookbook two years ago with nearly 10,000 copies sold, to cooking at the James Beard House not once, but twice in two years. We’ve been able to be part of such an incredible time for the Ruffino’s brand, and if you ask them, this is just the beginning. We couldn’t agree more.

Ruffino’s has been one of the few companies that have truly given us the “keys” to their brand. They don’t look at us as a partner; they look at us as team members of their company. No creative award can ever come close to the pride of having that honor. If it has to do with branding, marketing, and advertising, then Xdesign has had the privilege of working on it for Ruffino’s.

This week we had a great time celebrating all of the work we’ve done for them, you can see some of it below.

However, the most fun we had was when Chef Peter and Ruffin came to our office to show us how to make pasta. It’s moments like those where you close your eyes and realize that you’re truly blessed to not only work on such great projects, but to do so with such an amazing team, and most importantly you realize the people you’re working for aren’t clients - they’re your best friends.

Thanks for being a part of our 25-week celebration, the party isn’t over for Xdesign. In fact, like Ruffino’s - we’re just getting started.

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