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Project Spotlights

So Lou Billboards Project Highlight BLOG

We launched a digital billboard campaign for SoLou on I-10, utilizing Lamar's technology to deliver contextually relevant messages at any time.

CCP 2023 LRA Project highlight BLOG

We made Capitol City Produce’s tradeshow booth and materials at the LRA Expo in New Orleans as unique and fresh as their products and customer service.

Sweet BR Mary Bird Perkins Shirts Project Highlight BLOG

We partnered with Sweet Baton Rouge to create special edition t-shirts to raise money for Mary Bird Perkins as part of our "5% for 225."


March Newsletter phils logo

We're not shucking around

Xdesign is proud to sponsor Phil’s Annual Cancer Shucks Fundraiser on October 24. All you can eat and drink at Phil’s for a great cause? Yes, please.

Tone BR Logo

T. Swift & ToneBR

A Taylor Swift Dance Cardio Class - Need we say more? We’re helping ToneBR introduce a spin-off to get teens and tweens moving more.

Team News & Highlights


The fight for “The Flanagan” kicked off with our annual Fantasy Football Draft. Here’s the twist, your team must be themed. From your players all having the same initials as Joe Burrow to your team being only past SEC players and everything in between.

2023 Football Shirt

What started as a project when Hunter was intern is now in it’s SEVENTEENTH year of production. The highly anticipated and coveted Xdesign Game Day shirt is here!

AC Anniversary

Time Flies! Congrats to AC on celebrating her one-year anniversary at Xdesign as a full-time team member! What started as an internship while at LSU has grown into her running full speed with the design team.

CC Blacksmith

"I've never seen someone so happy taking out the recycle bin." September's Blacksmith, Cole Catherine, “Brings Joy” in everything from managing clients and projects to taking out the recycle bin.

X Caroline Intern

Join us in welcoming our Fall intern, Caroline Azar, from the LSU School of Art, who will graduate in May 2024. When she's not in class or at Xdesign, she's living her best life at the KD sorority house.

TP Advisor for Branding

Tiffanie began mentoring four design seniors at the LSU College of Art & Design as they rebrand MidCity Artisans. She’ll guide them throughout the semester as they work towards their final project presentation.

What's Inspiring Us

“When you’re doing something hard, focus on the fun part.”

– James Clear

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