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Retaining Brands: Amesbury Companies

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Retaining Brands Amesbury Companies

For nearly a decade, we’ve had the privilege of working with Amesbury Companies on over 80 projects ranging from web design to branding.

Amesbury Companies is headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and they are the experts in developing, constructing and managing multi-family and commercial real estate in Louisiana and throughout the Gulf South.

Amesbury is the parent company for a wide range of real estate properties in their portfolio. That’s where Xdesign comes in. We first had to create the main branding for Amesbury along with appropriate sales materials.

Like most projects for Xdesign once the branding is complete, it transitions to our interactive team. We were faced with a unique challenge. Amesbury manages lots of properties, ranging across several states. Sometimes those properties come and go with real estate acquisitions. We needed to develop a very flexible site that allowed for new properties to be quickly added.

Lastly, and to be honest sometimes the most fun, are the sub-brands that we are continually creating (how else do we think we’ve done over 80 projects?) Every property that Amesbury manages has a unique brand. Yes, Amesbury is the parent company, yet depending on the demographics, geography, and amenities, each property will have its unique attributes.

Over the years, we’ve assisted in naming and creating brands for over ten properties such Mansions at Ivy Lake, Stonegate Landing, and Manchac Lake, then establishing specific sales materials for each property. We always start with the essence of the Amesbury brand and go from there.

Every time Amesbury gives us a call we know there is a special new property awaiting its own unique touch. We’re currently working on three new properties, and that keeps our team pretty excited. Join us this week as we honor our real estate friends, Amesbury Companies.

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