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Reasons Why Uber Events is Changing the Transportation Game

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Reasons Why Uber Events Is Changing The Transportation Game

With the holiday season in full-swing, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for your upcoming company events. At our last agency party, we came across a tool that changed the way we think about parties forever. And it’s located within one of the nation’s most popular apps. It all begins and ends with Uber.

If you’ve never used Uber, it’s a service that pairs up drivers with passengers who are in need of a ride. So it’s kind of like a taxi, except better. It allows you to select a driver, input your destination and pay through its convenient app. And it just keeps getting better - Uber now has a feature called Uber Events. Here are three reasons why you should utilize it for your next bash:


It allows you to set up rides for everyone in attendance. You indicate a time and date, and then create a promo code to provide your guests. It’s no longer necessary to work out carpooling logistics and designating drivers - it’s all taken care of for you.


Providing this option is up to 40% cheaper than taxis and costs less than shuttles, valets and other parking options for you as an employer/party planner (or is it now party planner/employer?).


Partygoers will have no excuse not to find a safe ride home or not to get behind the wheel after consuming a few drinks. All Uber drivers are required to undergo extensive background checks and to create a profile containing reviews, a picture and a license plate number so that riders know that they are in good hands.

With Uber, everyone can enjoy your party, even if it’s open bar.

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