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Lessons from Spring Cleaning

Team Xdesign
Lessons From Spring Cleaning

This past Friday, we tackled spring cleaning here at Xdesign HQ. It might seem like a project better suited for the home than the office, but there are countless benefits to deep cleaning at work! Not only does it improve the overall appearance for staff and guests, it can also increase employee health and productivity!

Cut Clutter

You know how it is: you sit down to work on that report, but then an unfinished project from last week catches your eye, and then you see that pile of mail you still need to sort through… Studies have shown that our ability to focus decreases as clutter increases.

Cleaning up your workspace is a great way to improve your productivity, as it makes it easier to concentrate and leads to better decision-making. Not only that, but when everything is in its place, you won’t have to waste time searching for that one report you were sure was somewhere on your desk.

Save Money

It might not seem like it at first, but a good dose of organization can help you spend less! Clutter means things often wind up misplaced, resulting in extra money spent on supplies and last-minute shopping trips for something else you’ve suddenly used up.

When Team X tackled our supply closet, we found a recent order would have been unneeded had we known there were more boxes in the back of a closet. While we’ll use everything eventually, now we can monitor our supplies much more efficiently.

Stay Healthy

Just like at home, one benefit to a clean office is the elimination of allergens and germs. A clean work environment will help your entire team feel better, improving morale and productivity. Plus, you’ll find your team is accomplishing more when they haven’t caught that flu virus someone left on the lunchroom door!

Give the office a good deep cleaning once or twice a year, and invest a little elbow grease to keep the place shining throughout the week. You might be surprised at the payoff!

So how do you put this to work for you?

Well first, make a plan! Every office is different, but take some time to evaluate your specific space and create a strategy; a little planning at the beginning of the afternoon helped us figure out exactly what we needed to do.

And don’t forget to work together! It might sound like a cliche, but teamwork truly does accomplish more. Make it a group project, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the work gets done. Plus, a little laughter keeps the atmosphere light and makes the job much more enjoyable!

Putting these ideas into practice can not only make for a more productive time spent on a project, but it can also make you more excited to take on your next big job!

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