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Join the League: Why We Play Fantasy Football Together

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Join The League Why We Play Fantasy Football Together

There’s no time more magical than the start of football season. Crisp fall weather, delicious food, competition… what more could you want? Here in southern Louisiana, we start ‘em out young with Saturdays spent tailgating in Death Valley and Sundays spent cheering in the Dome. Those looking to take the season to the next level have no place to turn other than fantasy football. You may be asking yourself, Why is Xdesign doing a blog post about fantasy football? For two reasons. One, we love football. Two, we think fantasy football is a great activity in which to participate with your co-workers.

Why is it advantageous to have a company fantasy football league?

Instant Camaraderie - We participate in a number of fun, social events throughout the year to facilitate team building. Fantasy football brings it to the next level. Whether you’re someone who consistently keeps up with player transfers and stats year-round or you can’t name a pro football player, once the season starts, no one can resist a bleacher report or update. Water cooler chatter is consistently football-related throughout the league’s duration.

Healthy Competition - Honestly, what better motivation is there than bragging rights amongst the people with whom you spend 40+ hours a week? (A trophy doesn’t hurt either.) A “work family” is just like any other; we enjoy spending time together, but we also never pass up the opportunity to pick on each other. Nothing brings us together quite like head-to-head challenges every single week.

Mental Exercise - Strategy is something in which we engulf ourselves each day, whether it be why we use a specific color scheme or font or when is the best time to post something on social media. Fantasy football gives us the opportunity to think about something different than normal throughout the workday. Determining what players to start and who to drop/pick up is an excellent way to keep the problem-solving wheels turning.

2018 will actually be the third year in a row for us to compete in a company-wide fantasy league, and I guess you could say we’re a little excited. This season, many experienced players will make attempts, but only one can be the recipient of the coveted Flanagan trophy. Who’s your money on?

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