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How Would You Spend $10,000 on Marketing?

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How Would You Spend 10000 On Marketing

ICYMI: Our President and Creative Director, Hunter Territo, was asked one simple question by the Baton Rouge Business Report: How would you recommend a client spend $10,000 on marketing? Read on for his response.

"I will assume that you have your goals in order, you have a defined audience, a solid brand, a functioning website, and a consumer could quickly google your business and land on your website or your social media channels and you are ready to close the sale. If any of those things don't happen then I would go no further.

Next, there is one word you should remember in marketing - FOCUS.

If you're a specialized business and only certain customers can purchase your product - i.e. an industrial company, wholesale produce company, or a software company for the construction industry then focus on targeting your consumers so that no dollar is wasted on a non-customer. For example, billboards on side roads next to large plants for recruiting is a better move than one on I-10. I also recommend leveraging trade publications and uniquely targeted ads through social media platforms and search engine marketing.

If you're a general business that anyone can purchase from such as a restaurant, bank, retail store, etc. then, I recommend a mix of traditional and digital media that is relevant to your audience. Use the traditional items to increase visibility and the digital platforms to extend the message.

For both scenarios, I recommend going strong for a quarter than trying to spread the budget over a year.

Lastly, get ready to follow up. Sales and marketing are always referenced together for good reason. Having your brand in the public eye creates visibility and credibility and your sales team can turn that into profitability. At Xdesign every brand we work with is unique, make sure you know your audience, your goals, and your brand, if you don't then I recommend you save your $10,000."

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