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How to Grow Your Email Marketing List

How to Grow Your Email Marketing List 3

While you may already know about the importance of email marketing and the positive effects it can have on your business, it can be hard to know exactly how to start building a list of recipients. Furthermore, even if you already have a thriving email marketing force, it can be a challenge to keep your subscriber count up and continuing to grow. According to Hubspot, email marketing databases degrade by about 22.5% every single year because of subscribers leaving jobs, changing email addresses and opting out of your updates. Here, we’ll focus on ways to reverse that stat to continually boost your contact list so that it’s worth sending to!

Tell people to share your emails
Something as simple as adding an option to share or forward your email to a friend will exponentially increase the reach that your messages are getting. When content is shared by someone that users know, they’re extremely more inclined to sign up themselves because they trust the source that’s recommending it.

Add a link to employees’ signatures
Another very easy way to expand your email marketing list is to add a signup link to all of your employees’ email signatures. They’re already corresponding with customers and potential customers on a daily basis - why not leave a reminder with every message that they can grow the relationship even further?

Offer something for signing up
Sometimes, a small incentive is all it takes to really grab people. Whether it’s offering a percentage off of an order or through using gated informational content like a whitepaper, asking people to provide their email address in exchange for something in return is often a no-brainer. Definitely be sure, though, to include a disclaimer that by providing you with their email address that they are consenting to receive emails from you!

Utilize social media
If you have a large social media following, let your audience know they could be getting even more of the brand they love by signing up for your email marketing list. Want to up the ante even more? Do a contest on one of your platforms where followers will have to drop their email address to enter. Giving away a free meal, product or even an exclusive experience is often enough to entice newcomers.

Go off-line
This may not be your first inclination since email happens behind a computer, tablet or smart device, but collecting email addresses in-person is a great avenue to explore. Some examples of this include adding a section to comment cards where users can leave their email addresses, having a sign-up sheet at your register or by gathering leads emails at tradeshows. As mentioned above, always make sure to let people know you’ll be using it to send them emails so as to not violate privacy policies.

Whether you’re just starting to try out email marketing or you have several segmented lists, we can help you grow and maintain your subscriber count where you are.

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