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Four Programs to Simplify Your Busy Life

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Get Digitally Organized In 2016

“This is the year,” you tell yourself. “I will finally get my life organized.” At X, we’ve discovered (and have become dependent on) these four programs to keep us on top of projects and our busy lives. We hope that sharing our secrets will help you achieve your New Year’s Resolution of organization in the workplace and at home. (You may need different tools to help fulfill your resolution to eat less junk food and exercise more. Stay tuned.)

1. Never forget a password again

Problem: You have too many complicated passwords to keep up with. ‘Forgot password’ button: 5, You: 0.

Solution: It’s okay to forget your passwords forever with LastPass. This program will instantly save passwords that you’ve already created, and it will generate new complex passwords that are impossible to crack. Each password is stored in an encrypted vault that will autofill your username and password for sites that you’ve added. With this super secure technology, it’s also possible to store credit card and billing information across all of your devices.

2. Always follow up

Problem: You frequently lose track of emails containing important reminders, agendas and contact information. “...Who was I supposed to call today?”

Solution: Get your inbox to zero and never forget to follow up with an email by using FollowUpThen. You can type [anytime] in the “BCC” field of an email to receive a follow-up reminder on an email you’ve already received. Or you can type [anytime] in the “To” field of an email to send a note to your future self. For example, if you receive an agenda for your upcoming meeting, forward it to to receive the agenda on the day you actually need it.

3. Achieve a zen inbox

Problem: Your inbox is constantly flooded with subscription emails that you never read. Why it’s necessary for the same store to send you five emails a day, we’ll never know.

Solution: Instantly unsubscribe from email lists with Unroll.Me. This program gives you a list of every email you’ve subscribed to. Simply click which ones you no longer wish to receive, and you’re done. Take it one step further with the Rollup feature - This tool combines all of the subscription emails you want to receive into one email and sends it to you at the time that you decide.

4. Synchronize all of your to-do lists

Problem: You have multiple lists of tasks and reminders in different places. “...Now where is that sticky note?”

Solution: Easily organize, prioritize and share all of your tasks with Wunderlist. This program allows you to create new tasks manually or straight from an email or website. Then you have the ability to create folders, reminders, due dates and notifications for any (or all) of your upcoming tasks. These tasks can be shared across all of your devices, as well as with colleagues, friends and family to allow effortless planning collaboration.

Now there’s no excuse as to why you forgot your password or why you have 2,374 emails in your inbox. It’s 2016 - Send yourself a FollowUpThen to get your life in order.

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