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A Toast to ALS: Thanks for the Challenge; It was Delicious.

Team Xdesign
A Toast To A L S  Thanks For The Challenge It Was Delicious

Our friends at Wright Feigley challenged Jamey and Hunter to the ice bucket challenge. We accept the challenge by offering a toast to ALS, on growing their fundraising by 4,250%!

We’ve seen internet fads come and go. We’ve seen planking, we’ve seen whaling, we’ve even done the Harlem Shake. However, as they have come and gone and kept us entertained, none have ever attached a great cause to them.

Sure, we’re all tired of seeing ice bucket challenge videos filling our Facebook and Instagram feeds, however, the next time you roll your eyes, sigh, and murmur “oh, not another one,” we want you to think about the results, because you may not know how much money this has generated. As an ad agency we love coming up with great ideas for our clients, but more importantly we love when a great idea produces great results.

Last year ALS raised $2.6 million during this time. This year, they have raised $88.5 million, and the numbers are still growing. Awareness is at an all-time high, celebrities, athletes, and political figures have joined in. It just goes to show you the power of a great idea.

Cheers to ALS on a campaign well done. You’ll be getting a check from Xdesign in the mail soon, and thanks to our friends at Wright Feigley for challenging us; however, that ice would have felt (and tasted) much better accompanied by a smooth bourbon.

We challenge everyone to donate to a charity or cause of their choice. If anything, the ALS Challenge has reminded us that we should always be giving back.

Jamey and Hunter

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