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5 Reasons for Humor at Work

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5 Reasons For Humor At Work

According to a survey done by Robert Half International, 84% of people feel that a good sense of humor leads them to do a better job. Even executives have admitted that a sense of humor is important in career advancement.

Humor has its place, and surprisingly, one of those places should be the workplace. Why? Because having a culture of humor promotes communication, productivity, relationships, problem-solving and even health.

Here are five reasons why a joke or two a day keeps stress away.

Laughing leads to innovation.

A culture of laughter and humor at work allows for people to be themselves. When an employee is comfortable and relaxed, they are able to work devoid of anxiety and limits, leading to innovative ideas and creativity.

Laughing improves performance.

When you are laughing, you are happy. When you are happy, you are more productive. Being uninterested at work leads to employees feeling drained or depressed, putting a negative effect on their productivity and quality of work.

Laughing reduces stress.

Stress and anxiety are two common feelings in the workplace that can be fixed with laughing. Smiling releases endorphins, which are responsible for us feeling happier and lowering stress levels.

Smiling is attractive.

When you smile, you seem more approachable. Because of this, interactions with fellow employees or clients can be easier and more fluid, leading to better relationships and successful collaborations. Not only that, but the sound of laughter or another positive sound triggers the brain to also smile or laugh, creating a connection with the other person.

Humor dissolves tension.

We’ve all been there - a coworker makes a remark putting you on edge or a deadline leads to the entire office being on the defensive. Clever humor, suitable for the situation and your business, can bridge employee differences and move the conversation forward.

An Exercise

At our last Friday at Four, we played a game called “Ha, Ho, Hee.” To play the game, the first person in a circle of players says, “Ha,” in a serious manner. The person to their right says, “Ho,” and the person next to them says, “Hee.” Play continues around the circle until somebody laughs. If you laugh, you are removed from the circle until one person is left the winner.
Who knew so much laughter could come from trying not to laugh?

If your business doesn’t already have a culture of laughter and humor, it might be time to see how introducing a laugh or two into your day affects employees’ morale and productivity.

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