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Heart of Hospice

How We Changed the Perception of End-Of-Life Care

Heart of Hospice was founded in 2007 with a vision to transform end-of-life care in the community by serving all patients and their loved ones in the way they deserve to be served. We've been able to help establish a brand that communicates just that as they've expanded geographically to include Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas.

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Over 3x revenue growth since partnering with Xdesign
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We began working with Xdesign four years ago as I became the CEO for Heart of Hospice, the market-leading and highly reputed hospice serving southern Louisiana. We wanted Xdesign to help us evolve our brand to more truly reflect the transformative hospice we were becoming. The Xdesign team took the time to really get to know us. To get to know our care and how we are different from traditional hospice organizations. They went to visit our patients in their homes. They met our amazing caregiving staff so they could feel the intangible aspect of representing a service. They attended orientation and training sessions. They went the extra mile. And they got us—the us we were becoming. They helped us create a brand, in all aspects of the term, to represent that caregiving organization. I couldn’t be more proud of the partnership we have developed and look forward to continuing to strategize as we continue to evolve.

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