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Graphic Design

Design is more than making things look pretty. We intentionally select the perfect combination of specific colors, layouts, typefaces and illustrations to visually communicate the experience that your product will bring your consumer.

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  • Logos

    We'll handcraft a unique mark that effectively conveys the values of your company, sets you apart from your competitors and creates a recognizable seal your customers will trust and find comfort in.

  • Business Papers

    We'll create branded materials like business cards, document letterheads and folders that your company utilizes on a daily basis to provide a streamlined, cohesive experience for your customers.

  • Packaging

    We want your product to practically pop off shelves and into customers' hands. From selecting the right imagery and word choice to choosing a vendor, we'll map out the best path for you to achieve your goal.

  • Fleet Graphics

    Just as you're always on the go, so is your brand. If you offer a service that utilizes a fleet, we want to make sure it's spreading a positive message to everyone on the road with bold, eye-catching graphics and copywriting.

  • Trade Show Exhibits

    From concept to delivery, we'll help you get the most out of your trade show or exhibit appearance by equipping you with everything from booth materials to pop-ups to digital displays.

  • Environmental Graphics

    There's no place better to visually display what your brand represents than your physical location. From concept to design to installation, we'll ensure your space is transformed into exactly what you envisioned.

  • Point of Sale

    If you're looking to take your shelf presence to the next level, we can create an eye-catching display to grab the attention of your potential consumers to help you stand out amongst competitors.

  • Printed Collateral Materials

    From direct mail to brochures to sales slicks, we can fully equip you with the materials you need to put informative, effective materials right in your potential consumers' hands.

  • Photography & Videography

    We're equipped to set up, shoot and edit photos and videos of your products, services, team or location in a way that will effectively convey the purpose of your brand's project.

  • Digital Graphics

    If you have a restaurant, retail or similar business that utilizes digital boards, we can design informative and appealing graphics to effectively display your desired message to consumers.

  • Presentations

    Through the use of effective copywriting, eye-catching imagery and stimulating animations, we can help you put your best foot forward when introducing your brand to potential clients or consumers.

  • Printing and Vendor Management

    We'll work with all vendors and publication representatives involved to guarantee your projects are submitted on time, with the correct specifications, free of errors.

When people hear information, they're likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later.

Hubspot, 2017
Transformyx Powerpoint Min

We approached Xdesign as our company was seeing rapid growth and needed a cohesive brand across all of our print materials to support our sales efforts. Xdesign did a great job of looking at the whole picture and help focus us on the items that will have the best return on investment. Before Xdesign, we had so many versions of presentations and sales slicks created by different people, so we had no direction or cohesive design. Now with Xdesign, everything is uniform across all teams and personnel. When someone receives a presentation from Transformyx, it’s consistent. We finally have materials to back our brand and further brand recognition. Not to mention the package we present screams, 'Transformyx is a polished, professional, yet fun company.' It’s exactly what we wanted.

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