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Zach Andrus

Digital Media Coordinator

Zach Square

Zach assists in planning, executing and managing the social and digital media marketing strategies for Xdesign’s clients. From creative content development to consumer engagement, he is responsible for establishing and maintaining a brand’s presence across all online platforms.

With a background in public relations and digital marketing, Zach brings skills in writing (both creative and news), digital advertising and creative campaigning to the Xdesign team. His work in both non-profit and multimillion-dollar e-commerce industries has led him to develop a unique ability to craft appropriate voices depending on the client at hand. This ability paired with his creative and intuitive nature is the perfect formula to get the right messages in front of the right people. Zach is a proud graduate of Louisiana State University’s Manship School of Mass Communication, where his focus was public relations.

Outside of his professional work with Xdesign, you can find Zach cooking up something good in the kitchen, writing or playing music, hanging out with his beloved cat, Olive, playing out on the tennis courts or soaring down the street on his inline skates. He also frequents The Radio Bar, so say hello if you spot him!

Honors, Awards, Memberships:

  • American Advertising Federation of Baton Rouge member
  • Named to 225 Magazine’s list of Top 10 Notable Music Releases (The Rusty Kid)
Team member since 2019.

Digital campaigns are his jam.

Self-produced musician.

Cajun cuisine enthusiast.

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