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Xdesign's theme for the year 2022, “Take Time to Make Time,” meant that taking extra time to do something the right way the first time is better than moving too quickly and having to double back to revise things later.

Slowing down would allow our team to understand concepts more thoroughly, ask deeper questions, and ultimately create a better product through detailed preparation while also saving time on the back end.

We took on some of our biggest challenges yet…
…And knocked them out of the park.

We created some amazing things for our clients...

Eye-catching branding...

2022 overview branding PS v2

…Immersive environmental graphics.

2022 year in review environmental graphics v3

…Captivating advertising campaigns.

2022 overview print ads v2

…High-powered websites.

2022 overview web designs v3

…And striking packaging.

2022 overview packaging v3

We celebrated our clients' victories and helped their teams celebrate together.

Client Victories v2

…And our clients’ businesses became places where even champions come to celebrate.

2022 overview andrew whitworth at Jubans

We welcomed new clients to the Xdesign family.

2022 overview new client logos

We welcomed two new full-time team members.

2022 overview CC and AC

We enjoyed the fruits of our labor...

2022 overview Addys

And enjoyed some really big wins.

2022 So Lou Award Graphic

We worked our tails off...
...but we made time to party our tails off, too.

2022 overview basically we partied

We recognized and celebrated one another for our victories.

2022 overview blacksmith collage v2

We started EOS to become even stronger as a company...

2022 overview EOS

....And we ended the year with some of the people who helped make the year so successful.

2022 overview client christmas parties v2

Through planning and preparation, we were able to do more than we had ever done before.

websites launched.

projects completed.

emails sent.

social media posts published.

digital impressions earned.

Time became our greatest ally.
We are stronger as a team.
We are stronger as a company…

The outcome…?

“Cows run away from the storm while the buffalo charges toward it and gets through it quicker. Whenever I’m confronted with a tough challenge, I do not prolong the torment; I become the buffalo.”


We became like buffalo charging head-on into the storm – We were more focused. More prepared. More thorough.

We ran directly towards obstacles rather than around them which resulted in better products for our clients, stronger relationships, and more time to do more for our clients and for ourselves.

Bison mockup

See you in 2023!


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