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Xdesign 2021 Year in Review

Sharper Than Ever

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“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
–Abraham Lincoln

We certainly weren’t alone in our excitement to leave 2020 behind. Our team was ready to start a new year by hitting the ground running, knowing that this could be a full 365 days of what could be considered a “normal year.” However, as much hope as we had for the year 2021, in the not-so-back of our minds, we understood that there was just as much potential for unforeseen challenges as the year prior. After 2020, we learned that anything can happen. For any reason. At any time.

Team Xdesign saw this as an opportunity to begin the year by identifying and focusing on what we knew, for certain, we could control:

Our own growth.

We were determined to keep our axes sharpened–to be ready for anything…

X Blacksmith Winners

Like a historic freeze...
Pivoting to working remotely became seamless.

Historic Freeze 3
Historic Freeze 4
Historic Freeze 1

We saw milestones as opportunities to seek improvement...
But we never forgot to celebrate our victories.

Xdseign Celebrations

We looked at how we were doing things…
And asked ourselves how we could do them better.

Xdesign Improvements

We became closer than ever…
But that didn’t mean there wasn’t room
to welcome new faces.

Cole Catherine 1st Day
Coby Naquin 1st Day

We grew our relationships with
established clients…
And we kept the door open to welcome new friends.

2021 New Xdesign Clients

We did more of the things we’re great at…

Like designing fresh, memorable branding…

2021 Work Highlight Branding Blog

And building beautiful and functional websites…

2021 Websites

And helping our clients grow their businesses through captivating advertising.

2021 Work Highlight Advertising Blog

And taking on brand new challenges while also making time to do things for ourselves.

X Building

2021 was a year of intent.

We were intent on keeping the focus on what we knew could control…

Our relationships with our clients.
Our personal & professional growth.
Our growth as a team.

And as we grew so did our business.

We’re proud to celebrate 2021 as Xdesign’s best year in its 31-year history.

We kept our axes sharpened. We controlled the variables that we knew we could.

But growth is never achieved. It is something that we perpetually work towards.

We’re excited to grow into a new year, and we’re eager to see what 2022 has in store for us and for our clients.

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