Ruffino’s Restaurant

The Challenge

Running a fine dining restaurant can be a challenge. Running one in a struggling economy? Some might call it impossible. We didn’t think so. Ruffino’s came to us with new ownership and an overly powerful Italian brand. We decided to take a step back and capture the overall “Ruffino’s Experience” and market it. To do this, we decided to tap into the Ruffino’s customer base.

The Solution

Ruffino’s customers are very loyal. We focused our social media efforts on converting customers to brand ambassadors. By engaging in conversations with our fans on Facebook and Twitter, we gave the brand a personality and shared the “Ruffino’s Experience.” People began to converse with our brand and then started talking to other people about it.

We also took the initiative to analyze the market and act on opportunities. Ruffino’s never asked us to develop an interactive iPad cookbook, or a YouTube channel, or even a mobile site, but we developed them nevertheless. We weren’t “asked” to create many of the most successful pieces you will see in the following pages.

BRA Ruffino’s Lafayatte
PAC Ruffino’s Experience Ruffino’s
INT Ruffino’s iPad
INT Ruffino’s Baton Rouge Desktop
INT Ruffino’s Baton Rouge Mobile
INT Ruffino’s Chef Peter Sclafani
INT Ruffino’s Lafayette Desktop
INT Ruffino’s Facebook Desktop
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