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The Challenge

You hear the words “annual report” and you may have already fallen asleep. You’re probably thinking of dull pages of copy paired with even more dull pie charts and bar graphs. Honestly, we felt they have always been a product of necessity and lack a specific flair that has the potential to engage the user.

The Solution

We designed a beautifully printed tangible report. However, this is where we took a turn from the traditional. Instead of investing tens of thousands of dollars into printing large quantities that may never be seen, we decided to produce a very short run of digital copies. We knew we could always print more if we needed and could run a much lower quantity.

We then refocused the printing budget on creating an immersive digital experience that now allows users to interact with the report.

We built a native iPad app that had all of the content of the printed report, plus more. Now, not only could a reader read stats about the impact of the app, but also quiz themselves in an interactive game. They could swipe across the screen to travel across a timeline, tap photos to view a gallery, interact with graphics, watch videos, and even link to external content. Lastly, the beautiful images featured in the printed report were brought to life in the interactive version; as the user held the iPad and read the report the images would shift with your motions in real time.

It’s amazing what can happen when you look at the brand, the audience, and begin thinking creatively before you even begin working on the assignment.
These efforts proved successful as the project took home the coveted “Best of Show Interactive” award at the 2012 ADDY Awards.

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