Kean Miller

The Challenge

In Louisiana, as in other middle markets in the U.S., the legal marketing landscape is littered with brands and advertising that are indistinguishable between law firms. Typical messages tout quality and service, bulleted practice area lists and offer little memorable work. This was the challenge we faced - to establish a brand and message for Baton Rouge’s largest law firm that rose above the clutter in our marketplace, and was embraced internally by Kean Miller.

The Solution

Rather than focus on what makes them the same as other law firms, we chose to travel the path that makes them different. It was the Kean Miller people. Thus, the campaign concept “People First” was born.

We set out to create a campaign that was continuous and could be executed in any medium, print or electronic. We wanted to tell a story. A story their audience would not only connect with but also could interact with. We wanted the campaign to be ongoing, but never to get stale. The “People First” campaign has leveraged many different mediums to communicate their message including print and digital media as detailed below.

We also built a microsite: that housed all of the "People First" profiles. However, we did not want to stop there. We wanted to engage the audience and invite them to participate. We included links to the organizations that the attorneys served, groups that they could join and so on. After all, it is all of us in the community that makes a difference.

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